Balance Me TM Program

Welcome to ‘Balance Me’ the transformational hormone balancing, life healing program, designed to help women regulate their cycles, restore adrenal health, support their moods, treat the thyroid and take back their mojo!


Has your thyroid shut up shop and ruined your metabolism?
Are your monthly periods painful and uncomfortable?
Do you suffer from Adrenal fatigue?
Does your skin break out every month?
Are hot flushes cramping your style?
Does anxiety dictate your happiness?
Have you lost your Mojo?


Sadly, hormonal imbalances are common, with 1 in 8 women believed to be ‘out of balance’. Unfortunately we do not live in an era where awareness and  education is readily available to support healthy hormone balance and as a result more and more women are suffering at the mercy of their oestrogen dominance, troubled thyroid and awire adrenals!

‘PMS’ Pre-menstrual Syndrome
As defined by

The woman's "time of the month" when her uterus sheds its lining because her monthly egg isn't fertilised and dies. This is the worst time to be around a woman, because she becomes an irrational psychobitch which froths at the mouth with rage and seeks to destroy anything which stands in her way. I'd rather be in Hell than to be around a woman with PMS.

‘PMS’ Pre-menstrual Syndrome
As defined by Stacey Foat, Hormone Specialist

“A beautiful stage of a womans cycle by which her intuition is high and her emotional guidance system speaks to the woman to help steer her onto her right path. Although commonly experienced as a difficult time for many women, PMS is not a negative spell and one should not experience discomfort or irrational mood swings, when a woman finds balance, this is when she is most powerful and ready to change the world”


  • Laughing one minute and crying the next?
  • Outbursts of rage which seem like an out of body experience that you can see unfolding but can’t contain
  • Arguments with your partner that just don’t make sense?
  • Angry at the world, but don’t really know why?


You are not alone, welcome to the sisterhood of imbalanced hormones, which not only make us feel crazy, they affect our physical body and spiritual connection too.


Stage 1

Here we will, overcome oestrogen dominance, cleanse your bowels, get your digestive system working again and address your Adrenal Fatigue.

We’ll start experimenting with your diet, commence your life changing supplements, learn which level of adrenal dysfunction you are in, how to overcome it, which exercise works best for you and learn the life hacks which will conquer your low mood, low energy and low mojo!

We also cleanse the nasty bugs & parasites which are messing up your digestive system, reverse all the uncomfortable digestive symptoms so you can now start to digest your food, lose weight & eliminate toxins!

This means clearing out your bowels for clear healthy skin! Sounds amazing I know!

Stage 2

Now it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone, challenging yourself so we can grow new healthy cells and which support happy hormones! It’s about releasing unwanted toxins and unwanted fat from your body!

I’ll teach you every possible angle of weight loss, why you havn’t had success in the past and how EVERY woman can maintain the ideal body weight when her hormones are balanced.

We also address your Thyroid health, learn how to diagnose an underactive thyroid and identify auto-immunity which is the major process causing a sluggish thyroid and sluggish metabolism. Balancing your thyroid makes for improved mood, clear skin, healthy hair and perfect metabolism.

In stage 2 we also heal your body of inflammation, the thing that causes common hormonal imbalance side effects: migraines, Endometriosis (you might have it even if you don’t realise it), PCOS and unruly Menopause. Here you’ll find targeted easy to follow treatment protocols for all of the common hormonal related female diseases so you can start living life again!

Stage 3

With the cleansing protocol under your belt, you are now free to excel with improved energy levels and a new-found confidence to take back control of your life. This stage is like the icing on the top, finishing off the liver repair, addressing the immune system and really understanding how your hormones work.

We commence the third eating plan (yay even more variety) and help you with an ongoing plan of attack to manage your hormones. In this stage you will start to feel comfortable with all the wellness tricks up your sleeve, master your mental and emotional health, enjoy regenerated cells and healthy fertility. Understand the different forms of contraception, how to read your cycle and how to stay balanced for life!


Where do you stand?

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“Being a woman sometimes means we think we have to be everyone’s Superwoman, but guess what, you’re still human, you have a uterus not wings” Stacey Foat


  • Dry hair and dry skin, Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Anxiety, Insomnia, hot flushes
  • Irregular periods & Infertility
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue, muscle weakness & muscle cramps
  • Brittle nails
  • Poor Memory & Concentration



Condition – Under active thyroid function


Condition – Over active thyroid function

Auto-immune Thyroid Dysfunction

Condition – Dysregulation of the immune system leading to the attack upon thyroid tissue

Mineral Deficiency Thyroid imbalance

Condition – Inability of the thyroid gland to carry out normal thyroid functions due to the absence of key nutrient co-factors


Everything is going to be ok, you’re are in the right place. Hormones can be balanced, healed and regulated, you just have to identify what’s causing the imbalance and then put yourself back together again. Simple, we’ll talk you through the whole process.

Finding Balance

So what exactly is balance?

My Story Continued……So there I was deflated, but not defeated, I navigated my way through the medical jargon and limited treatment options and came up with my own answers. Hours of reading, listening to expert podcasts, attending seminars and watching webinar upon webinar, I designated every waking hour I had to putting myself back together again and the journey was worth every minute for finding my hormonal balance again.

As you can imagine, I learnt a thing or two about hormone balancing through my travels and now I want to share it with every woman who has every hated what she saw in the mirror despite being a clean eater and dedicated gym junkie, for every woman who has ever felt insane, for every woman who has ever been told it is all in her head and for every woman who has ever been told she’ll never conceive naturally…………..

Balance Me is designed to help woman find their Mojo, own their feminine qualities, fall back inlove with being a woman and feel normal again. We want you to regain the energy and zest for life, to fuel you to do everything you ever desired…..

“Unfortunately, thyroid health is not screened and tested effectively and many women suffer for many years without any answers only to find their Thyroid hormones are so severely imbalanced it can take years and years to restore their function. Do not settle for ‘everything fine, you need to fully investigate all the Thyroid markers if you do not want to be a statistic like other women, understand where your thyroid is at”

“Reach out to each other. Hands often speak as voices can’t. A warm embrace conveys volumes. A laugh together unites us. A moment of sharing refreshes our souls” Elaine L. Jack


  • Social butterflies who are burning the candle at both ends
  • Corporate boss ladies burning themselves out
  • Anyone who wants to murder their partner every ‘time of the month’
  • Gym Junkies who can’t achieve their ideal body
  • Busy Stressed out mums
  • ‘Hot’ Grannies who can’t control their night sweats
  • Ladies who have lost their mojo
  • Anyone who’s ever had an irregular pap smear
  • Bitches with PMS
  • Anyone with a family history of Breast or ovarian cancer [/su_list]

(Basically, any woman who has ever been on the pill or any synthetic hormone therapy, been pregnant, stressed, anxious, overweight or out of balance)

“We no longer live in a world where good health comes easy, our hormones are being pushed to the brink due to busy, fast paced, polluted and toxic lifestyles”

Who is this Program is NOT for?

  • Pregnant Women
  • Children under the age of 15
  • Women who want to stay stuck and unhappy their whole life
  • Women who are happy with every aspect of their emotional health & physical body
  • Men who just want in on all the action of the Balanced Babe Tribe


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Private VIP Facebook Group PRICELESS

Unrestricted access to ask as many questions as you like, direct contact with your hormone specialist mentor & an opportunity to interact & share the journey with other beautiful souls 

Hormone Healing Meditation $47

A soothing, guided meditation which speaks to the subconscious mind, designed to trigger change at a cellular level, perfect for listening at night to help keep you motivated & support healing and hormone balancing by targeting the emotional connection to disease. 

Balanced Babes Exercise Program $197

Access to a balanced exercise program to help boost endorphins, clear the skin, accelerate weight loss & ease the mind. Exercises for all fitness levels which support the balancing of your hormones, without sending you into adrenal fatigue!


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