Addressing the Adrenals

The Three Stages of
Adrenal Fatigue

 Stage 1
‘Adrenal Activation’
Stage 2
‘Adrenal Distress’
Stage 3
‘Adrenal Fatigue’
Energy LevelsGenerally good energy
Energy levels fluctuate from high to low, typically experiences a ‘2nd wind’ in the evening after a 3pm slump.Low energy levels consistently throughout the day
Nervous SystemHeightened awareness of heartbeat, some anxietyAnxiety and often panic attacksDepression or low mood
Sleeping HabitsMinimal sleep disturbance, some difficulty falling asleep due to a ‘busy mind’Bouts of insomnia,
sometimes feel ‘wired but tired’, lay awake for hours or wake frequently through the night
Sleeping regularly and for long periods but never feel refreshed
Eating HabitsOver-reliant on coffee, energy drinks, sugar, alcohol or other stimulantsFeel the need to eat carbohydrates more regularly or will not feel satisfied/fullCommonly eat a lot of processed refined sugars and take away foods due to lack of energy but also have developed a lot of food intolerances, especially to gluten and dairy
Immune SystemRarely get colds or sick in generalStarting to get more frequent colds, 2-5 colds per year or other infections i.e. urinary, chest, sinus, tonsillitis, thrushHistory of past viral infection as well as frequent infections ongoing
Body WeightTypically healthy weight range, although tendency to store excess fat around mid-centreWeight changes, difficulty losing weight, starting to put weight on more easily especially around the mid-sectionCan be severely underweight or overweight but typically starting to store more body fat all over the body
Personality TraitsConstantly on the go, overactive mind, high achiever, rarely sits still, needs to fee l productiveMemory and concentration
starting to struggle. More frequent emotional outbursts of anger and irritability
Lack of motivation and energy, feelings of hopelessness, sick of being sick and not feeling yourself
Bowel HealthMore prone to loose motions, especially when stressed or anxiousBowels fluctuate between loose to constipatedMore prone to constipation
Thyroid HealthTSH levels within the classic reference range of 0.5-5TSH levels started to increase as thyroid health is beginning to become affectedUnderactive thyroid, high TSH levels, with thyroid antibodies starting to rise
Physical SymptomsTendency to internal feeling of shakiness, butterflies in the tummySweaty hands, hair falling out, skin starting to breakoutHair loss
Skin rashes
Food intolerances
Blood Sugar RegulationTypically, can’t go too many hours without eating without feeling irritable, headachy or shakyInsulin resistance starting to formLoss of appetite, regular nausea
Oestrogen StatusMay experience shorter menstrual cycles due to low progesterone levels. May experience spotting throughout the monthPeriods starting to become irregular, with longer cyclesVery irregular periods, often with absence of a period for
extended periods of time
Dream RecallCan wake with vivid dreams or nightmaresIrregular dream recallNo dream recall
Cortisol ProductionExcessive, high amountsIrregular, but levels beginning to depleteCortisol deficiency, adrenals unable to secrete adequate amounts
Muscular HealthTwitching and occasional muscle crampsMuscles becoming tired, weak and sore with some cramping and eye ticksTired, sore aching, weak muscle
Cellular Fluid LevelsFluid retention around monthly cycleNoticeable fluid retention around face, arms, thighs, belly, chestSystemic fluid retention

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